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your audience on Instagram.

You got me girl, i'm in!

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Have you asked yourself, “why can’t I increase my followers?!” or “Why can’t I engage my community to respond?”

Are you tired of trying and trying to grow your IG but with no results??

Maybe you’ve felt desperate to get people to comment
or like your posts?

Are you confused what “Instagram algorithm”
is all about?

Have you ever felt confused what your Instagram page is really about?

Let me ask you a question, does this sound like you?

What if I told you there’s a way to get to the other side?

Picture this:

What if you wake up, open your Instagram and see you gained 100 more followers just from one day? Or 10 new comments from people who don’t follow you?

What if you get consistent interaction and engagement from your followers and non-followers? Not just any random bots or ghost accounts, but actual real people, and guess what?! They fit your ideal audience!

What if you attract the right audience, and with the right content you put out, you turn them into clients?

Instagram Queen
Online Educator
kingdom entrepreneur
Sister in Jesus
Prayer warrior extraordinaire!

Hey brave girl!

Jenna here.

When I first started on my Instagram more than a year ago, I didn’t know how to shift my “old personal” IG to the brand I wanted to build.

These accounts while they’re wonderful, BUT they grew YEARS ago when IG was not as hard as it is now.

At first, I only wanted to reach 1000 followers, now I have reached more than 20,000 and growing!

I can say, I grew my gram in the time when it is hard to do so. And I hustled hard! I tried and tested so many different tactics myself!

The thing is, I don’t just grow my main account. After I started growing that, I focused on my other accounts, then started another. I teach my coaching clients my own strategies as well. Why? So that I get to test that this system works! And it makes me happy to tell you, it works

I bought online courses to grow my biz and IG, and the HONEST truth? It barely MOVED my engagement and reach! Something was working for them that did not work for me. It was hella confusing, and I discovered why.

Our Instagram Client Results

It is possible, girl! I am just an ordinary girl with not much special photography skills, but determination and calling persevered me to get to where I am today.

I am absolutely 100% confident Grow Your ‘Gram will help you develop your brand/biz into what you’ve always dreamed it to be—reaching and building your community!

I've created this course because I see the demand for the plain 'ol truth everyone needs to know to succeed in the Instagram game in 2021.

You got me girl, i'm in!

So, do you want the same results for your Instagram?

is exactly what you need girl! I will give you all the things I applied that will succeed you in increasing your Instagram reach this year! All in ONE package!

Grow Your ‘Gram will bring you to where you want to go.

And where is that?

To reach your brand/biz’s goal- A growing and genuine COMMUNITY!

Gain clarity of who your audience is

a steadily growing followers, reach, and active engagement!

turn these followers to actual paying clients!


I have a question for you, sis,
is this something you’d want to start to take action on? 

You got me girl, i'm in!

Now, you have the chance to grab the exact system that worked for me and countless others, and this system will show you how!

Grow Your ‘Gram has a step-by-step system in place to help you know, reach and build your Instagram community!

It has 5 fully packed modules with 7 bonuses! 

This  will set you up for a win, not just on Insta but life!

A Social Media course that also offers shifting mindsets?
Say what?!

Only coaching programs offer that! But I’m offering it to you in this online course because I care about your wholeness as a person. What will you do when you get to the top and suddenly get overwhelmed and not happy?

We are going to prepare you for your successes and wins, and even struggles along the way, my friend!

Check out what's inside! 

Module 1- Branding, why + mindset

this will teach you how to know your audience, which is important to be able to know what to deliver and to whom.

I struggled a lot with this in the beginning. This module will not only teach you how to find your niche, but how to find and attract them. It will outline what you need to know about the psychology behind knowing, understanding and finding your audience, especially as you start your brand.

Module 2-  knowing your audience

this module is all about content marketing and you will learn what works and so you can produce post that impacts!

You will learn how to take audience attracting pictures and how to write your captions.

Module 3- instagram content

this includes organic Instagram strategies and planning, saving you time and energy!

So, you can spend more time with your loved ones and take care of yourself.
Learn how to spend less than an hour on Instagram everyday, yet find it increasingly growing.

module 4- instagram strategies

instagram shouldn't just be for vanity. This module will teach you how to make money using Instagram, so it’s not just about followers but earning that side hustle or main income so you can live in freedom!

IG is not your only end game. Follower numbers ultimately does not determine your ultimate success if you can’t make an income from it. Turn your hobby into a side hustle. Learn the many ways you can start earning a living from your Instagram.

To LIVE THE FREEDOM you were called to live!

Module 5- monetization

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And giiiirl! My bonuses will leave you ready to conquer IG!

I have exclusive bonuses for my bloggers out there- how to make your own media kit! (The stuff you pay agents hundreds of dollars for!)

And for my coach and entrepreneurs, I’mma teach you how to speak to your clients. I have workbooks for each modules and tracking sheets for your growth.

• Media Kit for Influencer bloggers
• Sales convo flow guide
• IG insights tracker
• Hashtags tracker
• Community tracker
• IGTV bonus
• IG live + stories
• Giveaway templates

Captivating Captions Template
IG Content Creation + Planning Template
and Content Creation Masterclass video

As if that’s not enough, you won’t do the journey alone as we have a Facebook group community! This is where we can grow together and help each other when you face some Instagram hitches.
(OOH IG be like sneaky sometimes!)

Whew! That’s a FULL on package right there!


Your Questions, Answered.

What do you have to do now after enrolling?

All the lessons are now available! As soon as you enroll, you get access on all the modules and bonuses. Self-paced learning.

What if I change my mind?

I will offer 7-day 100% money back guarantee! If you’ve WATCHED ALL THE LESSONS AND tESTED THEM all AND STILL DON'T SEE AN AMAZING CHANGE FOR YOUR INSTAGRAM BRAND AND GROWTH,  money back guarantee! Obviously, I want to see you succeed and will be sad to see you go, and hope you come back! 

After the course, will I be able to keep any of the stuff?

You have lifetime access to the content! If I transfer systems in the future, I’ll make sure you get the content with you!

“But Jenna, I have no budget atm…”

this is the lowest price it will ever get to! $39 for only this weekend. it will go back up to $197 in december 1st.

girl, you're the only one who can answer the question of how much you really want and how serious you are in growing your instagram community. remember, this is an investment for your brand and business. 

if it helps, $39 is the price of you eating out for dinner. sacrifice one or two dinner out for a lifetime of benefits for your business. easy decision right there, right? :)

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“I was really hesitant to create an IG page for my biz because
1. Competition 2. Not an IG person 3. Less knowledge on managing such. I consulted Jenna … and she shared to me some basics of creating an IG page which I wasn’t even aware of. I was happy with the outcome and inspired to do better… We now have about 11k followers and Jenna has been supportive since day one.” 


upon purchase, It is to be understood that she strategy co  is not responsible for your InstaGram growth. Without the student’s efforts and consistency, their success is not guaranteed. The growth of each individual will vary accordingly. all sales are final.

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