Are you a Christian woman content creator, influencer, thought leader or an entrepreneur? Are you called to build and advance God’s Kingdom in the digital space and era?

If you had a simple way of ditching the distractions, delay, loneliness, fear that results to lack of confidence in your journey, and turn them to joy, confidence, boldness, and extreme focus in pursuing God’s call and your specific assignment in your life…

Would you finally have the courage to say “YES” or to keep going in this life you were called to live?

You’re in the right place, girl!

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Doing it on your own in this waiting process will do you more harm than good and Here’s why 

God has whispered His beautiful and yet impossible dreams to your heart more times than you can count. 

You’ve whispered back “one day, Lord” to that God dream in your heart more times than you can count. 

And now? To be honest, you still don’t know when it will be and what’s next, you sure know you’re not ready to give birth to this movement or business God-sized dream...

But you just know deep inside you ought not to be idle. 

You have to be doing something in the waiting.

The question is:

What do you do in the waiting?

Do you put it on the shelf and wait for God to tap you when it's time?

Will you live back in promiscuity? 
hidden in obscurity?

Will you believe the phrase they commonly say, 

“When it’s God purpose for me, no man can take it away?"

What if you become lazy and lethargic?

Is it really necessary to position yourself rightfully as an heir of His Kingdom?

The violent, those opposed to the Kingdom, take what’s ours. 

Will you just let them?

Read on, woman of God. 

Because what I’m about to share could spark that lightbulb moment you look back on in the weeks and months to come when you’re finally feeling aligned with God’s plan and Kingdom assignment for your life. 

But before that, I’ve gotta bring something up… 

You underestimated the devil’s tactics and before you know it the income goals, sponsorships, number of followers, influence and glamour caught up on you.

You tried doing it alone, and perhaps even left Jesus after you had your first success.

Failure struck, and you’ve been founded on a rocky foundation. 

You were untested, distracted, led by the ways of the world.

By now, you understand more and more the power of God’s call in your life, and it’s not that easy.

When you are out there in the digital marketplace, you are representing God’s Kingdom as His ambassador.

You won’t survive and last if you don’t know how to equip yourself. Say, how to pray. Lest, you may easily fall into the other camp…

Wounded and stricken by fear of failing God and making the same mistakes, you’ve hidden yourself.

You put those God-dreams behind your core memory.

It’s been five years since you first had that God dream, that first God-whisper.

You took a hit and you didn’t get back up.

You’re stuck. You hold on to the regrets of the past.

Your heart is filled with disappointment, weariness, and bitterness. 

You quit often way before you can start again.

And while it was crystal clear way back then, the more that time goes by, the more you start to doubt whether it was your calling after all...

You know that if you don’t take action now, it may never actually happen.

That you’ll get to experience what God has prepared in advance for you to do and be.


How does one nurture the promise, prepare the land, become good soils, and be skilled in warfare?

More than anything, you want to be a part of the revival movement God is unraveling across the globe at this hour through fulfilling your Kingdom assignment.

But you do not want to make the same mistakes you’ve done in the past.

You certainly don’t want to get ahead of God yet again!

You were ready to make it happen!

Bootstrapped and invested all your savings to the God-dream.

Making sacrifices for God and His Kingdom is your life’s honor.

Real Talk with me for a moment.

You’ve always known God gave you the desire to be a leader in today’s digital space and era.

The key to becoming spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and practically equipped to fulfill and give birth to your Kingdom assignment of launching movements, businesses and brands in this digital space and era, instead of being held back by the spirit of fear and failure.

That you could actually be the confident, purpose-driven CEO of a Spirit-led business, ministry, or movement. Someone full of His joy, peace, rest and basking in His presence daily. Instead of living day in day out full of disappointments, regrets, and fear, a shell of who you could be.

The waiting season…

While you do desire to experience breakthroughs and have more income, you have finally ditched the desire to have all the followers, fame, and millions of dollars — unless God wants you to have it, that stuff just doesn’t matter to you.

You want nothing more than to obey God and follow Him all the days of your life.

You desire to pursue Jesus above anything or anyone, and way more than this God-dream itself.

You want to focus on glorifying God and His Kingdom.

You want to be able to launch that movement and business you were called to lead, and reach the community of people you are meant to serve.

To live a life of purpose, increase your Kingdom impact and create lasting legacy for generations to come.

Before all that, you are well aware of your current waiting season. 

And while waiting for the breakthrough and the appointed time to arrive…

You desire to pursue healing from the heart issues you have right now, and you are ready to allow the Holy Spirit to heal you.

You are determined to fix your eyes on Jesus as the prize, and discipline yourself to renew your mind to Kingdom mindset.

You decree and declare this season to be full of peace, joy, and the presence of God.

Here are 5 freeing truths you’ve gotta realise if you want to make the waiting season worth it as you pursue God’s Kingdom assignment for you.

I truly understand! It is daunting to even just imagine God’s big dreams for you. If you’re nervous because you feel like you don’t have the confidence, courage or capacity to lead other women, tell me you’re more self-aware than you think. One feels this way when you think of accomplishing God’s purpose for you on your own. And you most certainly are not. Keep making sure you are aligned with God, doing it with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. He will be the one to equip you with boldness and confidence to lead the movement, ministry or business He has called you to do. Trust God that He trusted you for this.

Ah, the old case of #impostersyndrome #fearofrejection #fearofman … It’s a sneaky little thing that creeps in when we’re about to do something that actually matters. But let me ask you a question… how many Christian women have you disliked just because they put themselves out there? And how many have you admired and been inspired by for doing the same thing? See… #perspective. Plus, if God’s called you to it, does it really matter what anyone else says anyway? Don’t allow the spirit of fear to stop you from stepping into your God-given assignment.

Because you can do it on your own, right? But haven’t you already tried that and it didn’t work. We were not meant to do life alone, what more to fulfill your God-given purpose? Will God send you to do it alone? Sure, there is a season where you’re the primary worker in your business, online ministry, or the movement you are starting. You wear all the hats. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot have an environment of believers surrounding you, praying for you and supporting you in other areas. Mentors or coaches are meant to guide and lead us to the path God wants us. There is also a special (Biblical) impartation that happens when we are discipled by a spiritual mentor. Imagine, what they’ve gone through, you can learn from and potentially apply that wisdom so you don’t make mistakes they have (disobedience to God?).

Investing in a coach and mentor- my time, energy, resources, helped me filter my own thoughts and explain what I actually wanted and how to get there in a really simple Holy Spirit-led way. It was like the light turned on for me — and I want that for you too.

Is it you speaking? Or is it the spirit of fear? 
Fear of failure is a real thing, I’ve been there. What if it doesn’t work again? What if I lose more money? What if I give birth to an Ishmael? What if? What if?

That’s why it’s so important to surround ourselves with like-minded women who are in the same situation as you- in the waiting season, and the mentors who have gone before you and can help you navigate and discern the process. You will only fail if you give up on Jesus. And He is already victorious, and in Him,
you are too.

Myth #1:

“I lack the confidence and courage to lead a movement, ministry, or business”

Myth #2:

People won’t like me if I put myself out there

Myth #4:

I don’t want to fail again

Myth #3:

I don’t need a mentor

A business, ministry, or a movement doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to get off the ground. But the way I see it is that every investment you make in your business is an investment in your dreams, God’s dreams for you!

If you are willing to invest in the right places and are committed to following through, then you’ll make it work! But if you just want to stay stuck, worrying about the outcome and not actually taking action, then your money will only go down the drain…
You get to choose. 

Myth #5:

Money is an issue

Healed and restored hearts that were hurt by the past people and experiences which has held you back in your purpose 

Confidence and boldness as you prepare to fulfill your Kingdom assignment

Create renewed Kingdom mindset and visionary outlook

Armored up and equipped for spiritual warfare and become a prayer warrior and intercessor not only for you, your calling but your family and others too!

Having the wisdom, discernment, and ability to problem solve and lead your business/ministry

Become more prophetic and learn how to hear God’s voice

Learn how to build profitable businesses and brands so you can support the Kingdom work you lead

Deep joy, peace and satisfaction because you’re finally doing meaningful work

These kinds of outcomes are SO possible for you, even if you’ve failed in the past or you are just starting out. 

...but they depend on taking an intentional decision to pursue them on your part.

yes, girl!

One that (most importantly) honours God because, after all, He’s the one who placed this dream on your heart... and skips over all of the it’s-all-about-me entrepreneur advice floating around Instagram that makes you want to throw up in a paper bag (#feels).

One that actually gives you back time, instead of adding yet another meaningless task to your to-do list… so you can prioritise the things that matter most- keep the main thing the main thing. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you, right? 


One that allows you to finally reclaim the joy, freedom and peace you first felt for this God dream so you can wake up every single day actually excited to live out your purpose. 

If you’re thinking “yes, girl, yessssss” behind that screen of yours, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to She Strategy Co Membership!

Kingdom entrepreneur, Launch strategist, Church planter & Prophetic— your leader and mentor

hey mighty woman of God! I'm Jenna

God called me to fulltime ministry at the age of 15. It wasn’t until I was 23 that He called me to finally pursue it. From the Philippines, to New York, and moving to Sydney for Bible college, I finished my advanced diploma in ministry in 2017, and my bachelors in Theology in 2019.

July of 2019, I sort of fell into the online business world, dabbling with a Vegan blog and online course. 

While the page grew, what God revealed during the whole year of me running it was that it was an Ishmael, not God’s promise for me. 

It was devastating but freeing to learn how my pride got in the way. It made sense that my fellow Christians online were asking about Instagram marketing and helping them launch their businesses than the vegan page.

One other thing, the online ministry I started alongside the vegan page grew more and more especially when the pandemic hit. It was a God thing, certainly, but the taste of influence overwhelmed and burnt me out. I wasn’t ready for that season.

In 2021-2022, while my online business grew, I took a break from the online ministry and spent some time to heal. I was still very much part of the church plant I was a part of, and travelling to the US and Australia for ministry.

In 2022, I moved to Manila, Philippines, to help plant this local church I’m a part of. 

I grew in the prophetic, leadership, and Kingdom entrepreneurship in the last 4 years. I’ve learned how to monetize my content online, grew the business, grew my online ministries, taught and coached dozens and hundreds of Christian women online in their businesses and ministries.

Being online has allowed me to make a full-time income doing what I genuinely enjoy (and while working in my sweatpants, which is a huge bonus!) and move and travel around wherever the Lord sends me.

But nothing lights me up more than helping other Christian women find clarity in what they’re called to do and help them fulfill their Kingdom assignment.

let's do this!

Just this April 2023, God put me in a position to review everything He’s done and taught me in the last 4 years, and one thing that He revealed to me as a refined mandate is this—

“Raise this generation of Christian women content creators, influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to fulfill their Kingdom assignment in this digital space and era”

The fight to advance His Kingdom has upped its stake. God has sent His prophets and watchmen to sound the alarm.

It’s time for His children, especially His daughters at this hour, to rise up and build, build, build His Kingdom.

And our job right now ladies, is to do our part and listen to our King Jesus.

And now, it’s your turn, let’s get you prepared, equipped, and trained…

"I was at my journey with God, where I took a leap of faith by stepping out of my career to start freelancing. However, I’ve found myself lost in this wilderness season. I don’t understand what’s happening, why the wait for the next opportunity seems to be so long, and why God seems to be silent.

Upon joining the SSCO community, through Ate Jenna, I understand there are still parts of me that needs emotional healing, I learned I must renew my mind to what God says in His word about me and above all to seek Jesus first

In the community, I’ve met other ladies who have gone through the same season, and have become my cheerleaders and support in this journey. Presently, the Lord also open an opportunity for me to work together with one of our Kingdom entrepreneurs in her business 😊" 

Trisha (@st.trisha.23)

"Before working with Jenna, I lacked motivation and didn't know what to do next on my online business. Since working with Jenna, I've been able to work on my branding and clarify my niche. I learned how to manage my time and do my business in a God-honoring way. I gained clarity and God-confidence in pursuing my business. I like how intentional Jenna is as a coach. She'd always point us to Him and it's a great reminder. I think it's one of the reasons why this course is different from others. It's not self/business-centered but God-centered. This course has helped me prepare to launch my business. "

Trixie, Children's books artist (@trixieartstudio)

"Working with Jenna was easy. She will help you achieve your goals without feeling pressured. She's a good combination of a good friend and coach."

 Kia, blogger/influencer (@helloquia)

"The resources and effort you provided to coach us, I was blown away. What really helped me is I have so much confidence, especially in the money part- budgeting, accounting. In the beginning, I was just flying up, it was just one breakthrough and momentum. My business is really doing well, I'm getting customers in, I get booked out as well, week by week. It's all so exciting!"

Priyanka, Cake Designer (@treats.by.pri)


Over the last 4 months I’ve had my eyes, ears and mouth focused to receive from the Holy Spirit, His mandate for us His daughters, at this hour.

On the other side, I’ve also had my ear to the ground, hearing what my fellow Christian women were experiencing and struggling in their walk with the Lord as they pursue their Kingdom assignment.

Wanna know what I discovered?


A go-to hub and community for Christian women content creators, influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs, to be trained, equipped and prepared holistically, to fulfill their Kingdom assignment in this digital era and space.

Do you know what I created? :)

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Christian women who still carry a lot of hurts and disappointments from their past

Christian women who’ve been afraid and lack the confidence to put themselves out there because they’re worried about what everyone else will think...

Christian women who’ve self-sabotaged again and again, doubting whether they are good enough for their purpose…

Christian women who want to do SO many things and who wish they had the clarity on the step to take next… 

Christian women who get distracted by what others are doing

Christian women who lack consistency in goals and habits

Christian women who’ve cried out to God, wondering “Is this really what you’re calling me to do?”

Christian women who, no matter how many times they want to believe God, have grown tired and weary waiting for breakthrough

A Mentorship Community that will help you receive your daughtership and step into your Queenship so you later can become a Mothership, mothering those God’s called you to lead. 
So you can be the confident, purpose-driven CEO of the Spirit-led business, ministries, and movements you’ve always dreamed of. 

She Strategy Co means

She- for women , led by women

Strategy- God’s Kingdom is a monarchy and stratocracy. Monarchy where Jesus is the King and He rules over His domain. Stratocracy is a military-based strategy form of leadership, this is how as God’s children, we ought to lead in His Kingdom. 

Co- a collective community

First thing’s first, the things that our heart carries often hold us back from moving forward. Jesus said to give all our burdens to Him. A healed heart means you can fully surrender to the Lord Jesus and His will for your life. A healed heart means you can obey and focus on Him more. A healed heart enables us to hear God’s voice. Which is why prophetic journaling is vital in this process. This class will create an encounter space for you to hear from God for your life, and specific instructions and revelations He chooses to give and reveal. Hearing God can truly unlock all the things God desires to give and share to you, for the advancement of His Kingdom and His glory. You will receive healing, wholeness, pesce and the presence of the Lord in your life.

Here’s how it all works!

Weekly Gatherings

Monday Prophetic Journaling & Inner Healing

A Christian has all these tools available for us to use and partake to be equipped for the good work God has prepared for us in advance to do. You will not survive, most certainly will not thrive as a Christian woman in the marketplace when you don’t know how to pray. The warfare is tough, as you know. It will continue to become more difficult when you fight it alone and by your own strength. But through the power of prayers, you can be equipped by wisdom, discernment and guidance from the Lord, that others who are not on #teamJesus does not have. You have the advantage.

Prayers are not just for our “basic needs” to be met, in fact, God already knows what we ask for before we ask for them. Prayers are weapons for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is heaven, which is one of the reasons why we pursue our Kingdom assignment.

Weekly Gatherings

Prayer Meetings

You will receive daily wisdom content from Jenna and the other leaders through a private Instagram page. We believe we all need wisdom to lead, make decisions, how to act, etc. You make use of this as a form of devotional, but mostly to be able to receive a Word from Scripture, and make sure you grow spiritually as well.You’ve gotten clarity on your why and prepped your engaged community — now you’re ready for the next step. If you’ve ever wondered whether you can create an offer that not only solves your ideal audience’s actual problem, but that also feels fun and meaningful to you, then you’re about to be pleasantly surprised! You’ll walk away from this module with a fully mapped out offer suite that you’ll know like the back of your hand.


Wisdom Devotionals

Taught by industry experts such as myself and your in-house leaders and mentors! From sales, marketing, to Biblical womanhood and studies, everything is designed to teach and equip you with tools for the journey in the waiting and giving birth to your Kingdom assignments. 

Monthly Business & Faith Trainings

Taught by industry experts such as myself and your in-house leaders and mentors! Jenna is an online marketing and business coach. Primarily coached by her, accompanied by your other leaders, this is a space to answer particular online marketing and sales and entrepreneurship questions you may have. You may be able to ask your specific questions about your own businesses, inistries, movements- as they are in the making.

Monthly Group Coaching & Co-working Space


Kingdom Entrepreneurship & Online Business Classes

Wondering how about if you have business or marketing questions, my friend?
I’ve got you.

what do you say,
are you in?

This is one of the mentorship’s highlights. You’ll be able to connect with like-minded Christian women who just “get it” for guidance and friendship. We don’t want to stop our interactions in zoom on the scheduled calls. We will be interacting as a Spirit-led community in the Facebook group too. Share what you’ve learned in the classes, trainings. Share what God’s been speaking to you. Even your prayer requests, business questions. This will not be a space to sell your own things, but a safe space to share our lives together. 

Exclusive, Members-Only Facebook Group

A lot of life happens in community

I'm in!

What's the investment?

Choose the payment option that works best for you!

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I'm in!


type $200usd when you choose this option

Myrra Kate
Course Creator, Author

Meet your Other Leaders and Trainers

Myrra Kate helps Kingdom-driven women coaches and entrepreneurs multiply their income & impact by getting their online courses done and ready to launch without stress and overwhelm.

what their clients say about them


"Working with myrra has been such a blessing! She's so sweet, so professional, and so knowledgeable. sh etook pride in my project and made it exactly how I envisioned it. myrra is a true expert and i value her ideas and suggestions to make all my projects 1000x's better than i could even think of."- Deirde Orr, career coach

Harriee Chunu
style coach & designer

Zoe Kolapo
social media strategist
Kingdom entrepreneur


"Harriee was supportive, very understanding of my challenges, and guided me step by step to creating my own style and embracing my body and weight change. I have become more confident and empowered to shop appropriately, according to my body type. I now create space in my week to have some "me time," which has helped so much. Thank you!"


"Zoe did a good job in bringing our brand vision to life through helping define our brand colours, target audience, and branding for our packaging and Instagram strategy. Her social media management services are very useful for any small business looking to outsource this services to focus on other areas of business."- Eunoia LTD

Zoe is an entrepreneur whose journey started during the height of the global pandemic. With the desire to dream bigger and the faith to take steps into action, she decided to quit her job and embark on her business journey as a social and business strategist. She helps new business owners show up confidently on social media through the combination of faith, strategy, and branding.

Harriet Chunu is a Certified Style Coach™️ who helps purpose-led female professionals transform/elevate their personal + brand image and show up with unshakeable confidence by using wardrobe as a powerful tool.

Couldn’t I just figure it all out on my own? 

Will I be supported?

How long do I get access to the course?

Is there a money back guarantee?

I really want to join but I can't afford it at the moment

Got Questions? I've got Answers!

You’re ready to say YES to God’s Kingdom assignment for you and the process it will take

If you’re nodding your head while reading any of those points above, She Strategy Co Mentorship is PERFECT for you.

On the other hand, if...

You’re not willing to take a leap of faith and trust God and yourself, and even us…

You’re close-minded and aren’t willing to try new things

You’re comfortable staying where you are and don’t really want to grow

...She Strategy Co Mentorship is NOT a good fit for you.

You’re a Christian woman content creator, influencer, thought leader, or entrepreneur- or perhaps aspiring to be, as God has put a desire and dream in your heart to lead in and advance His Kingdom in the digital era and space.

You are committed to God and determined to see His purposes for you fulfilled

You’re ready to invest your time, energy, and money into preparing and equipping yourself for your Kingdom assignment.

You’re sick and tired of allowing the voice of the enemy and others influence you and holding you back from God’s purpose and His glory

She Strategy Co Membership

By now, you already know that  
making your God-dream movement, ministry, or business in this digital age and era to reality is more possible than you think.
is TOTALLY possible for you, and that it all comes down to… 

So, if you’re still here… let’s get real for a moment.

If you’re a Christian woman who needs help and mentorship in the waiting season so you can be equipped, prepared and trained for the work in advance.

If you’re ready to break off passivity, and be consistent by way of accountability

If you’re ready to be healed and renew your minds consistently

If you’re ready to do continue the work God has started in you


If you’re excited about learning how to build profitable businesses and brands so you can support the Kingdom work you lead
 ...you need She Strategy Co Mentorship.

join now


upon purchase, It is to be understood that she strategy co is not responsible for your PERSONAL, SPIRITUAL, AND BUSINESS growth and sales. Without the student’s efforts, PARTICIPATION and consistency, their success is not guaranteed. The growth of each individual will vary accordingly. NO money back guarantee is offered. unsuccessful payments will be followed up to TWO WEEKS. third party assistance will be consulted if not resolved between parties. ATTENDING THE WEEKLY CALLS, Group coaching calls, TRAININGS and assignments are strongly recommend for more immediate and visible success, but not mandatory.   NO INFORMATION/LESSONS/VIDEOS/ PRODUCTS INSIDE the mentorship MAY BE REPRODUCED . IT IS NEVER ALLOWED TO BE SOLD. international and national COPYRIGHT LAWS ARE APPLIED. ALL RECORDED VIDEOS WITHIN THE PROGRAM ARE WITHIN THE RIGHTS OF SHE STRATEGY CO. TO BE USED FOR FUTURE TEACHINGS OR TESTIMONIALS. BY SUBSCRIBING TO SHE STRATEGY CO MENTORSHIP, THE INDIVIDUAL AGREES TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Terms and Conditions