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May 24, 2023

5 Signs I’m Failing in My Business & When to Move Forward (as a Kingdom Entrepreneur)

Jenna Matalam

This is the very first blog post we will publish in this business. And for my first order of business, it’s a doozy and confronting post.

I didn’t plan it to be this way but as soon as I prayed “Holy Spirit speak through me”, ah, He truly did.

Today, I am inviting you to yes, check on your business’ status, but not from the world’s perspective, but as a Kingdom entrepreneur.

A Kingdom entrepreneur in a nutshell, is a Christian who runs their business and life God’s way. His will and not yours, and the business is for His Kingdom not yours.

I am particularly super passionate about this topic, as what comes to my mind right now are the many Christian entrepreneurs I know who only runs businesses because they inherited it, or it’s the best way to make a living sizable income in this economy, they are the boss and not the employee, but the purpose of doing business has been lost!

I am writing this blog post as my first blog post for She Strategy Co, in the hopes that we evaluate where we are right now.

Are we merely living, going to church on Sundays and Bible studies on Wednesdays, run our business all the days of the week, or maybe you even are so Christian you don’t open your business on Sundays for Sabbath, yet you have lost the purpose of running a business in the first place!

Allow me in the next few moments to prophetically speak into your life and your business, and evaluate where you’re at in life right now.

The time for “just living” to make a living or lotsa money is OVER!

It’s time to take back the identity of being a Kingdom entrepreneur and your purpose and assignment, the enemy has blinded you from the last few years or maybe even your whole life!

So take a paper or your digital notebook, sit down, and it’s time for evaluation!

(P.S. In these moments, I highly encourage you to invite the Holy Spirit to be a part of this process, allow Him to speak to you and give you clearer vision to see what He sees. It’s the best!)

Here are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Know Your Business is Doing Well (as a Kingdom entrepreneur)

  1. Is it creating impact in your community? Is it changing their lives to become healthier?

Sometimes, we need the reminder that we are the light and salt of the earth, just like Jesus! Not so we can lord over people and be their boss, but so we can serve them.

The people who follow you are not meant to be your servants, but you serve them by leading them- whether these are your family, your students, your clients/customers, your audience.

Running a business is never about money, it’s about service. And yes multiplying and stewarding the gifts and all that you’ve been given, but more on that later.

2. Is God is glorified or are you being glorified?


So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)

It’s time to do a heart check whether your heart is currently filled with pride or idolatry. Do you feel a sense of fluffy pride over yourself whenever you made a sale or launched a new business?

Yes! You say, “to God be the glory!”, but deep inside you are super proud of yourself in a self-glorifying way.

I’ve been there! I thought I truly was glorifying God, but pride took over my heart. Pride is so cunning, it hides behind our “God be praised” words.

How do you know it’s pride or humility?

I ask myself this question every time I accomplish something, “if God takes this away now, how will I feel?”.

I don’t take the acknowledgement away from the part I played either hiding behind false humility. I say thank you when people congratulate me.

There’s always a tension when it comes to this, when is it being arrogant or not? Look, as long as you’re being authentic in your words and deeds, you honestly won’t even think about it too much.

3. Is your business giving solutions to people’s problems?

Is your business doing what it’s supposed to? We are checking not only on the practical effectivity of your business but the intentions and motivations behind it too.

Let’s say you provide affordable food to college students- served your purpose!

Behind the scenes, you know you overprice them, give them a day old food, so the motivation then becomes about making more money and the true service is gone!

Are you selling products or you run a business that not even aligns to God’s will? Do you run clubs that invites promiscuous sex, wild drinking, angry behavior? Has business become all about the money?

It can even be an attitude thing. You may be providing the cheapest medication in the city, but your a mean cranky person to your employees. You get the idea.

Yep, I’m really hitting on people’s nerves right now- because it’s true! It’s part of the evaluation- being honest about where you’ve been and where you are, who you truly are serving.

4. People know you.

I’m not talking about a popularity game here, but your business is recognized by others. Whether it’s through word of mouth good reviews, industry experts recognize you, and your friends recommend you.

Those things signify a positive impact you’re having in the society.

You don’t have to have a million followers on Instagram to have that.

This is even a good time to ask if you’re making God’s name honored and revered, or are you causing the name of Jesus to be mocked because of ungodly behavior?

Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. Lift up your eyes and look around: They all gather and come to you; your sons will come from afar, and your daughters will be carried on the arm.
Isaiah 60:3-4

‌It’s not about you, but Jesus in you that causes this light to rise up on you and people will be drawn to you not because of your works but because of His glory.

The question is, is His glory even seen in you?

5. Is God with you?

This should have been first, actually.

Are you in alignment with God? Is your business aligned with Him?

When you speak to God right now and show Him what you’ve done, will He be pleased or disgusted?

Are you running ahead of Him? That means, are you doing it from your own strength?

Repentance is about to happen if you said YES to any these things. It is necessary first to acknowledge these and bring it at the feet of Jesus, where you repent and surrender to Him.

He is faithful to redeem you friend. You don’t have to keep living this double life with double standard. You say you’re building the Church of Jesus Christ but also tear His Kingdom down by doing these vile ways of running your businesses.

Here’s a prayer you can pray, but when you go to God with a broken and contrite heart, sincere in your words, He will not turn you down. The truth is, He’s been waiting for you.

“Dear Jesus, I am sorry for the way I’ve run my life and business. I acknowledge and repent from _______ (fill in the blanks). I renounce cheating people, I renounce idolatry, I renounce stealing money from those you called me to serve, I renounce the lifestyle of the world, I renounce (fill in the blanks). I repent from turning away from you and grieving the Holy Spirit. I repent from living my life following my own desires and allowing my pride to consume me. I ask for your forgiveness and mercy. I pray you come and fill me with your Holy Spirit. I pray and ask for godly wisdom to run this business you’ve called me to run. I pray You speak to me Your will, and for Your will and purpose to reign in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Wow, friend! If you prayed that prayer, I hope you said it out loud. There should be no shame for us to declare the Name of Jesus! We have so much work to do for His Kingdom to come and will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

I wanted to still share with you the “When to Move Forward (as a Kingdom Entrepreneur)” tips but I’m afraid this post is super long, so I’ll do that as part 2, because apart from prayer, I want to help you with NEXT STEPS.

For now, let me know in the comments below if this was particularly helpful, or which number struck you the most.

Love ya and catch you on the next post!


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  2. Eleanor says:

    What a powerful way to kick off a blog! So challenging. Can’t wait for more 🙌

  3. Jenna Matalam says:

    thanks for reading!

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