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June 21, 2023

Simple Formula to Get Free Leads (Even if I’m brand new!).

Jenna Matalam

“I need to have a stable thousands of followers before I can launch my business on Instagram so there’s people to sell”

Makes sense but is it true? Hmmm….


How about this…

“ I don’t have followers, no new leads and traffic. I won’t succeed in my new business!”


Can I tell you a secret? You don’t necessarily have to have followers or thousands of new traffic through social media to get started and have some success! Keep reading to find out how to get free leads as a new entrepreneur.

But first, I want to lay the foundation of this post by establishing that launching a new business or a brand, whether in a large or small scale, the return of your investment takes time. 

Did you know it takes an average of 6 months to 1 year before you get any traction for your NEW BRAND or BUSINESS to have any visibility especially if you’re a newbie entrepreneur with a limited budget.

I sense a lot of you are apprehensive in starting or continuing the business you have started because of the fear of failure. 

You preempt “failure” launches and businesses by prophesying “I can’t” instead of praying and declaring they will be abundant and flourishing according to the will of God for His glory.

If you don’t believe in your dreams, who will? Change your narrative by changing your declarations. 

“But Jenna, you don’t understand, I really can’t, I don’t have followers or even set up my social media or email system yet. I don’t even have a website!” 

You say “I can’t”, but I’ll tell you why you’ll succeed.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Succeed

1. Failure is not trying

You’ll only succeed if you go do it, and watch God and you partner together. How can there be something built if you don’t start? 

Many mistakes I see Christian women do is get stuck in complaining, in this “I can’t”. Mindset. And partnering with fear that they will fail. 

I’m telling you, you will only fail when you don’t try. Say YES to God and take a small step.

A woman I’m speaking with online who is in my free Christian women influencers facebook group (join here!) wants to launch a business but her budget is so tight for her family. I asked her, “what steps have you done so far?”, to gauge her seriousness in the promise God gave her. She have made some brave steps, and that is a big thing!

If you started doing something, keep going! 

2. God will provide for you. I’ve seen Him do it!

Girl, trust God will provide for you. I truly believe when the Bible says when you sow in God’s Kingdom, there will always be a harvest. 

Now, there won’t be a harvest if we didn’t sow, right?

You are not alone! I myself am in the middle of waiting for a bigger provision from God to sow into a new project- one that I believe is what He’s been gearing me towards to lead, and I need a big investment on this. (If you want, I’ll update you on how it goes!)

3. The Secret Simple formula

What sacrifices have I done in the past that gives me the right or position to share this?

I bought a 10K program to teach me how to drive free cold leads to my webinar, and I learned a ton!

I launched my first 5 figure launch using only organic traffic and 20 free masterclass sign ups!

There’s a lot of HINDRANCES on why your first try could fail and you not earning a single dollar, but that’s not a reason why not to do it anyway.



You have to start somewhere.

I’ve kind of said it earlier.

‌Everyone starts somewhere.

You hear so many success hollywood, billionaire, millionaire stories, tech moguls stories, and they all experienced failures.

And One thing in common?

They started.

Don’t let this fear of failing and not having any traffic or people or followers stop you from launching that business or continuing to run your dream business that God has promised you. 

There is a purpose why God called you to do it.

Start it. Keep going. Until it works.

Trust that God’s going to keep aligning Himself to you as you choose to align yourself to Him.

Trust that He’s going to course correct you if you trip up.

Trust the Holy Spirit will breathe on His plans and purposed for you. 

The only answer to your dilemma now is (you’re not gonna like it!) go. do. it.

‌Before we end this post, and now that you’ve been thoroughly reminded 🙂

I won’t be too mean by not giving you any ideas where to start with the free leads.

How To Get Free Leads

1. Your friends list

Go to facebook, your friends list! Or on your phone- your actual contacts. Start having conversations with your friends. Share you heart and vision, what you have to offer. 

You won’t receive until you ask, right?

I remember launching my first ever online course- it was a vegan online course and I had a “launch” celebration in my home. I invited my closest friends. We ate, had fun. They supported by coming to dinner.

No one bought my course though. 

I was telling a fellow Kingdom entrepreneur friend the other day of this story, and we both shared the same sentiments. 

The best support they could have given me is purchasing the course and that is proof they really believed in my product. 

One thing I never did? Ask them!

I was to fearful they were rejecting it.

I invited them to celebrate the launch but never did offer it to them.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. ASK YOUR FRIENDS.

I can’t emphasize that enough.

2. Your Social media followers

I’ve had students and clients get worried of starting a new page before launching their business. I told them, start it with your own page. You have friends there who will be interested in what you have to offer.

Don’t despise the resources you already have. 

3. Your friends— word of mouth

The power of the word of mouth! Old fashioned “affiliate” system.

When I was a child, my grandmother from my mum’s side had this tiny sari-sari store (a small retail store in the neighborhood). 

How did we get customers all the time? 

One of them is through word of mouth!

“Buy some oil and salt!”


“Go to the store in the corner!”

When we ask our friends and family to share to their friends, or even share the post you made- that’s word of mouth.

I believe many of the things I shared today are some of the best small steps you can do today to get free leads for more sales in your current business, or to start if you haven’t already!

So, which one will you commit to do this week? Type them in the comments!

Share this post to your friends and family you know who needs to hear it. It will extremely help more of us! 

If you’re someone who is ready to scale your business online, or need help launching your new business, offers, or brand, I can help you!

Book a free 15-minute call here so we can figure out your PROFIT PLAN for your next or new launch.


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