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June 28, 2023

I’m Called to Have a Business But Money is an Issue

Jenna Matalam

Do you believe 100% that “I’m Called to Have a Business”? Or perhaps believing has never been your problem, you are on-board with God. It’s just that money is an issue. You don’t have any to invest.

How do I obey God and start or continue with this business when money is my issue?”

Hey girl, in today’s blog post, I’d like to share with you my thoughts in this whole money issue we as Christians have. I couldn’t tell you how many women have rejected or not bought any of my products priced from $5 to $10,000 with the excuse of “I don’t have any money.” 

It’s a lie from the pits of hell!🤣

Some women truthfully do not have the extra budget to spend on $2000 or $200, but I simply do not believe we do not have, and today I want to share and debunk these lies to you. 

Are you ready?

Lies Debunked for those Called in Business

  1. How far would you go for that thing that you want?

Let me ask you, what do you really want?

Why do you want to be a business owner? Because God called you to it? Okay.

Because you’ll have the freedom of time to be with your family? To have more time for ministry. 

Take note of your answers.

Now, have you ever wanted to go somewhere but couldn’t afford it?

Back in 2017, a friend of mine was getting married in Mexico and the Holy Spirit told me I should go. It was three months away and I didn’t have any budget for that. That wasn’t a necessity at all. But I prayed and saved up money from my job. Not only did I get to strategically get my flights paid, my friend and I found sweet deals, saved up $1000 for shopping, and God showered us with favor with the places to stay at – free and shared!

My point is when we want something so bad, we make it happen!

How much do you really want to fulfill your Kingdom assignment as an entrepreneur? To earn good income to support your family, impact other people’s lives, have the time to spend with them.

Ditch the “I can’t” thinking. This is not just a scarcity mindset, friend. This is the poverty spirit that is a stronghold to many of us.

Pray to God and strategize to make it happen. 

  1. Stop the excuses.

I honestly don’t want this blog to be full of rebukes to you, my beautiful readers and community. But sometimes, we just gotta, right?

What reasons do you have for not investing in God’s call in your life?

Perhaps you see God as super gracious and merciful that He will give you 50 years of “decision time” whether to obey Him or not. 

Perhaps you really don’t believe Him when He says He called you to be a Kingdom entrepreneur, build that enterprise and bring unique solutions to the world to advance His Kingdom.

Maybe this calling is too small for you or too big to even comprehend, it’s better to just let it sit. 

We have millions of excuses why we don’t, when right now, you reading this blog post tells me that you do have the ability and qualifications to say YES and invest in God’s call in your life, you are just delaying it.

Whether it’s laziness or your affinity to your own comfortability, an excuse is an excuse.

You can read ten thousand more blog posts or books like this, or watch one million hours of Youtube video, but after that, you’re still stuck in disobedience.

Woman standing on rock table hands high
  1. “The Quickest path to breakthrough is obedience. You’re moving at the rate and speed of your obedience.”

I love this so much! This was a phrase said in our 100x Mentorship (by Pedro Adao).

Most promises in the Bible are conditional promises. Obey and be blessed. Obedience is an important key to unlocking God’s move in our lives. We don’t have clarity because we don’t obey. If you just obey God with that ONE step He is asking you to do today, you will wake up with more clarity than you’ve ever had in years. 

Okay, you’ve reached the point now where you probably are either saying,

“Jenna, I have obeyed and said YES to God, and I’m still waiting” 


“Okay, now I repent and say YES to God, but I’m still stuck. I really really want to do it and I’m willing to do anything!”

Alright! Now, when a heart is submitted to God, then there’s something I can help you with!

Please take note these advise are still at your own faith and risk to do, but trust God and apply your God-given wisdom as you consider the following.

3 Tips to Fund Your Business So Money Is Not an Issue

1. Save up money

Coin on piggy bank

Go work at a restaurant, whatever it takes to save money. 

In my earlier story, I saved a chunk of my weekly pay for the trip I was saving up for. I cut back on coffee, eating out, and shopping. What can you sacrifice for your God-dream?

Set up a goal on your bank account, use the old fashioned piggy bank.

If you don’t have a job, keep looking for one! 

God moves too as you move.

Ask someone to be accountable with you. If it’s a struggle for you to save up, just like me last year! There’s no shame in that! Ask for help from a trusted friend.

2. Tithing

I originally didn’t put this but it’s essential. (Thank You Holy Spirit for the reminder!)

Tithing is a principle in the Kingdom of God, not optional. Someone described it as like paying taxes to the king. And in this case, in the Kingdom of God, we contribute to His Kingdom, who Jesus is our King.

God doesn’t need our money. It all came from Him! But it is our trust in Him that He tests. 

There’s only one time in the Bible (if I’m not mistaken), that God asks us to test Him on.

Malachi 3:10 

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” 

When we choose to tithe, we essentially are saying “I trust You God with my finances and everything I have. I know when I give this, You will take care of everything else I need.” And that’s what He promised in Matthew 6:33.

So whatever your financial status is, whether you have little or plenty, doesn’t your Father in heaven know that? In our church we say we build the Church and nations “not equal giving, but equal sacrifice”. 

3. Risk and Invest in yourself through Borrowing or Asking

Eeek! I feel like I can hear the uncomfortable sighs or mumbles of people now. Hear me out before you exit this page. 😅

Family or Friends

The most comfortable and safest way to ask or borrow is from your family or friends!

And please don’t manipulate your way into borrowing! That’s witchcraft! Manipulation is witchcraft!

Present your business idea and prepare a projected income statement if you can, or even present your God-given ideas and dreams to those who you trust. Show them a feasible study of your business. Show them you’re serious about this.

Give them the opportunity to say yes or no to you. It doesn’t automatically mean they hate you or don’t believe you when they say “no”, although it may be so. However, if God asked them to invest in you, then yay! If not, God may have a different way for you to be funded.

Be responsible for your own calling and their money. Steward it well.

The problem sometimes with us is we don’t want responsibility. Running a million dollar business or Kingdom enterprise means you have to be trusted to carry and lead that.

Credit/Loan Debt

Debt has a bad rep to us right? But is it all bad? What if done right and with wisdom and strategic godly planning, it will always still be risky but your risk is faith put on Jesus. 

One day I’ll have more testimony to share on this from my own experience but for now, I want to refer you to specific teachings from trusted Kingdom entrepreneurs mentors I have who explained it so well.

From the 100x movement, Pedro Adao

“Debt is debt. Debt does not mean you’re in bondage. That’s a lie. That’s an oversimplification. For some it can be, some it’s not. You’re not in bondage if you can make it go away whenever you want. Why do billionaires borrow money? It just makes sense. The war should be on poverty.”

This quote is taken from this short video from Youtube

Please let me know your thoughts from today’s topic! It’s such a biggie that not many talk about, but we should. This is just the beginning of our conversation on this.

Your Next Steps

  • Pray if you’re led to repent on disobedience, partnership with poverty spirit, or renounce bondage from poverty. You are saved and redeemed and set free by the blood of the Lamb. Through Jesus Christ, I truly believe we have freedom.
  • Join the Dream Again Challenge

If you want to go in depth with us on topics such as this, I am having another challenge workshop (5 days!!!!) happening on August 7-11, Mondays to Friday at 7pm Pacific US time. Join here.

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  • Book a Complementary Call.

If you’re ready to scale and launch your God dream idea and business, I want to help you. Book a call here to figure out your next step. 

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