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August 30, 2023

YOU ARE A GIFT TO THE WORLD (Spotting False Humility)

Jenna Matalam

The title is somewhat a cliched statement, don’t you think? 

Yet what I want to propose to you today is not the worldly “I’m too important” message that fosters pride and arrogance. I want to speak to my dear sisters who feel like they are ordinary, nothing special, and don’t want any attention on myself.

If the enemy cannot tempt you with fame and power, it lies to you by giving you a false sense of humility.

What is “false humility”?

You self-deprecate and minimize yourself. That includes your calling, your giftings, your talents, your identity. You have taken the “consider others better than yourself” Bible verse over the top, where you have lost your sense of self.

It seems pitiful, doesn’t it? Oh, they want to consider others better than themselves that’s why they are minimizing their gifts and callings and themselves, but it’s actually not the case.

There is hidden pride there. 

And we are uncovering it today.

It’s not the pride where one steps on others so they can be lifted up. It’s not even being mean or evil or cursing others for their demise and your success. 

It is false humility when you intentionally act like you are humble, so you people please, in order that people can praise you. 

However, in the backend, you do not do the work and don’t want to receive feedback. You only do something when it benefits you. 

This pretty much described Jenna in 2015. I was a Christian but pride resided in my heart. I was not always acting in false humility, real humility comes out sometimes. Still.

I honestly thought I was being kind and humble when I opted to be in the background and just support people. The times when I didn’t want to speak in front because “I’d rather give others a chance”. In a way it was true, I wanted others to have a go at it too, but I did love it when others praised me. Eww, it’s super cringey realizing the pride I had back then. 

Somehow it’s even worse when it’s hidden. So fake! I feel like repenting again!

Not just that, it’s unhealthy and not helpful in terms of moving forward with God’s plans and purposes for my life. 

When it comes to our purpose, when we act in false humility and self-deprecation, we end up becoming selfish when we don’t share our true purpose and gifts to the world.

The truth is you have something in you that needs to be shared to the world that is designed by God. We were all meant to advance His Kingdom, and fulfill our role as His child.

If we don’t do it, it’s simply living a disobedient life.


You probably never thought of it that way because the enemy is a liaaaaar, boo.

The enemy whispers we are being a “good Christian” when we wait for everyone to do their thing, before we take any action for ourselves.

The enemy schemes that you are being arrogant and proud if you put yourself out there and take a step forward and believe in yourself! That it is selfish and not glorifying God!

There is a fine line between obedience and disobedience, and it’s called “taking a step or leap of faith”.

As long as you keep an intimate relationship with the Lord, believe me, He will let you know one way or another if you are becoming proud.

Girl, who are you making wait for you to finally make a decision to launch that business? Someone out there is knee deep in problems only you can help them. You are the exact right person that has been given the solution to them. You are the chosen one.

Maybe it’s the mom who is overwhelmed by crying babies, piles of housework, and losing their relationship with their spouse and God? And you’re called by the Lord to minister and coach them.

OR it’s that divorced young girl needing a fresh new start, and you’ve been in that situation before and you can perfectly be there for them.

Maybe like me, you’ve been called by the Lord to coach other Christian sisters to launch that business online?

Perhaps God called you to work in a not-for-profit anti human trafficking organisation and minister or help the cause to fight for the marginalised? 

Will you choose to keep fighting for them, today?

Believe me, all of this waiting and pruning and God processing you in the last couple of years will be worth it because people are gonna get breakthroughs, and you my dear sister, will receive your breakthrough too.

Get ready, girls, Jesus is fighting the battle for us, He has won, and breakthrough is coming!


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