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October 20, 2023

The War in the Middle East: Do We Have to Pick Sides?

Jenna Matalam

If you’re confused by what’s happening in Israel and Palestine right now, well this post is not a current events, political nor a historical piece. This post is for you, if like me, you are confused. You know you stand by King Jesus, you are for the broken hearted and you understand the urgency to pray. But the question of picking sides is pushed on you, where do we stand now?

Hey girl, last week, I found myself wrestling with God with this issue.

My dilemma last week was- Christian leaders (the ones I follow) are emphatically telling us to choose a [political] side, but something in me just didn’t blindly take it in. 

I genuinely have a problem with people who just follow whatever such and such leader says because they are right, without critically thinking. It disturbs me when love suddenly leaves the door of our hearts when political sides and debates are drawn out of us.

My role here today is not to fan the flame of injustice division amongst the Church, but to empathize with you if you find yourself tempted to find a neutral place and yet you know that doesn’t give you the peace of God either.

Questions you can ask yourselves

“Who are the rightful heirs of the land? Who lives where? When did this all start? What has happened since 1947?”

“Do we believe in Isaiah 61 and our role as Christians to “proclaim good news to the poor, bind the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness the prisoners…”? To bring God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

“Can we agree that this violence is brutal and bloody and breaks the heart of God? What does God say in the Bible about all of these?”

So where should we stand?

My prophetic mentor, prophet Tomi, released a word the other week that made me wake myself up, because there is truth to what He prophesied. A time will come when we will be made to choose, and our choice determines where our spirits are.

Many Christians live in the safe middle. Afraid to take a stance for fear of judgment or being wrong. As I mentioned earlier, I believe the peace of God does not reign in our hearts when we do not stand up for something.

And I’m not here to compel you to choose Israel over Palestine, vice versa. I am here to tell you to choose to see beyond what your physical eyes can possibly see. It’s time to peel back the curtains, and open your spiritual sight.

Just as God has called us to advance His Kingdom in the digital space and age by fulfilling our Kingdom assignment, we too, as a collective beloved daughters of the King of kings Jesus, have the enormous task to stand up for God. 

The mission continues with “on earth as it is in heaven” .

What does that look like right now?

Consider my 3 suggestions for you girl.

3 Responses When Conflict Arises and You Don’t Know What to Do:

1. In all things, Seek first GOD.

I’ve spoken to a few of you people, my fellow followers of Jesus. Some of you have been numb about this situation since it doesn’t affect you directly, or you’ve been fearful of people’s judgment should you fight for your beliefs. 

If you generally don’t know the answer to a question or current issue, or you don’t know who to believe, my bestest advise is?

SEEK GOD! Seek the Holy Spirit! 

I mentioned this to a mentee who found herself with an increasing urgency to respond yet I can sense fear to be her motivation. I told her to seek God first before she makes any decision.

Sometimes our emotions can overcome us, so we need to seek God first all the time before we do something reactive and not helpful at all. Before we do something someone suggested to us but will end up further harming us.

When we seek God first, we trust Him.

For me, that was the first thing I did and I asked the Holy Spirit what He wanted me to do. He told me to keep praying, and assured me my belief of His will is still the same promise He gave to us— on earth as it is in heaven, to advance the Kingdom of Jesus here on earth, to keep loving on people.

2. Pray

It seems redundant since seeking God kind of pertains to praying. But seeking God is a position we must carry. 

Why do you think we implore prayer and fasting during this time? Not just for interceding for the war to find peace, and for God’s will to be done, but so we can have clarity and we can hear from God, that He may direct us. 

3. Talk and discuss amongst trusted communities.

Not just any community, but a community that shares the same faith as you. The kind that is open for listening, discussion, has wisdom and experience. 

Last week, I found a friend who I met in Bible college and we studied Theology together. She’s the kind of friend I’d have spirited passionate conversations with, in the context of Theology.

My heart was already so heavy by the time it was Sunday, and even after receiving God’s direction and guidance from Him, I still craved a Theological conversation with someone I trust and who listens. The comment section is not where you find that.

My Puerto Rican sister Jen kindly indulged me in a thorough and loving conversation about the Middle East war, we talked about the history of the nations, different Theological viewpoints. I felt so safe and free to talk about the views and beliefs without fear of being judged. These were processed thoughts I had but were still somewhat raw, and not many know them simply because it was not up for debate, nor was I called to debate others, when my instructions from the Holy Spirit were to love on people and intercede for the nations, and pray for HIs Kingdom come and peace. 


Where do you find yourself in this camp? The Israelites or the Palestines? Hopefully certainly not the terrorist? But whatever you politically choose, if you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ- be that- a follower of Jesus.


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  1. Kimberly Marquez says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful message,I’m crying while reading this so heartbreaking the news about what happened in Israel,hope and praying God will touched their hearts and stop fighting coz many civilians most affected and many peoples died because of this War😭

    • Jenna Matalam says:

      Wow! I just read this Kimberly. Thank you for your response. It’s been really devastating what happened right? Let’s keep praying and interceding for our brother and sisters and everyone in the Middle east. Prayer works!

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