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December 1, 2023

How to Succeed in 2024 as a Christian Woman Entrepreneur

Jenna Matalam

It’s December, which means it’s technically Christmas.🎄 The shopping list is growing. 🛍️💳The house chores are becoming endless.🧹🧽 Church activities are piling up. ⛪🎉 There’s so much to do and so little time. And worse, what’s nibbling at the back of your mind is this unrelenting and incessant command that “2024 is the year you must succeed in business OR ELSE” 🫢🫨👀 Is this you, girl?

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I completely understand what you’re going through right now. It’s almost the end of 2023, and you feel like this year was a bust. So, 2024 should be awesome! You have lots of expectations about it. This will be your year!

Here are 6 Things You Need to Master to be Successful in 2024

  1. Redefine what “Success” means to you.

You are not who you used to be. Girl, this is an important step before we keep talking about success. Are we talking about the same success? What is success for you? 

Is it making loads of money from the business? Have lots of followers and customers? 

Because fame, power, and money are not what God wants for you.

Yes, He wants us to prosper and have an abundant life. But His ways are not ours.

If you truly are a child of God, you will want what He wants. If His will aligns with your will, and it pleases Him, that is success.

2. Matthew 6:33

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

What is the Kingdom of God? Where is this Kingdom? What is His righteousness?

Simply put, when Jesus came to earth, His ministry was to bring His Kingdom here on earth. It was manifested by miracles, signs, and wonders, healing people and casting out demons. He also taught Kingdom principles that made the Law & the Prophets complete. 

The Kingdom of God is not found as an earthly kingdom but a spiritual and eternal one. It is seen on earth through us God’s children.

His “righteousness” is not just a morality thing (Genesis 38:26), but the prophets in the Old Testament would use this to denote God’s justice and the idea of socio-covenantal justice (Amos 5, Isaiah 9, 32). In the New Testament, “all God’s revealed will in Jesus’ teachings is righteousness” (Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary).

What is important to understand about righteousness as a believer and follower of Jesus is that what we read in Romans 3, through Jesus’ death, we are made righteous in God. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

As God’s Kingdom people, choosing to seek Him first, His Kingdom and righteousness— that’s what will make us successful in 2024 as entrepreneurs. So long as we put Him first in everything we do, and every business decision we make, we know we will be successful.

Will you choose to seek God first or yourself in the year 2024? You choose!

3. Remember the Vision God gave you

Habbakuk 2: 2-3 says, “ And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie.” 

Write the vision clearly and concisely. Why? Having a vision gives us a clear path and purpose for our business. It reminds us why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place.

In times of warfare, remembering God’s promises will propel us to keep going. As we read God’s Word and His Promises, we are strengthened that He who promised is faithful.

For the year 2024, remember the vision God gave you. Write them down. Seek Him for a new vision for the year, too. 

I will be hosting a Casting Vision Workshop” on December 15 at 7 pm PHT and you are invited! I have hosted this every year since 2020, this will be the 4th time. And every year, every woman who attends gets a fresh new revelation from the Lord which helps prepare them with the right mindset and aligned will with the Heavenly Father. 

4. Set Realistic and attainable Goals

It’s also good to have goal setting. Successful businesses and ministries have it.

What we essentially do when we set goals is frame our minds to focus on the vision God gave us for the year.

The major difference we will have from secular entrepreneurs is we shall surrender our goals to the Lord.

One major killer of dreams is when we set goals, and have high expectations about them, and what we want and plan for doesn’t work out.

Guess what? That happens 50-70% of the time anyway! Whether or not God is with you in your business, not all of your ideas will work immediately. 

A lot of first-time business owners I work with have this fear of failing. I tell them, well don’t fear it, it will most likely happen.

What we’re gonna do differently though as Kingdom entrepreneurs is to trust and surrender to God. With God on our side, He can work things for our good and His glory. And when we keep trying and trying, it gets better and better, and we can be sure of that because we give God all the glory.

He will tweak and continually guide us as we keep going with Him. Our mindset becomes more resilient as we keep persevering. That’s the major difference we have as Christian entrepreneurs. Isn’t that amazing? We can trust in a sure rock of foundation.  

5. Create a flexible list

When I write my to-do list, I overkill and schedule way too many tasks per day. I feel like a Superman. Until I start ticking them off my to-do list and I can’t finish them all in the time I gave myself.! I end up getting overwhelmed until the Holy Spirit reminds me that as long as I keep my priorities and committed to meetings, the others can spill over the next day.

You know what I learned? 


Others may call it “adaptability” or having the “margin” for error.

When we decide to be more gracious to ourselves, my fellow achievers, it makes a whole lot of difference.

It can mean we trust God that whatever tasks we finish today are already enough. His love for us indeed is more than we can ask for or imagine. His love covers it all. 

Another way to see this is also being adaptable to economic changes in the world. Remember Covid 2020? We all were forced to stay home, and we learned to be adaptable in how we conduct our businesses. Many people learned how to use Zoom, and how to transfer their businesses online, and many other innovative ideas were born because of that. I remember what my mentor says, “Let it happen for you, not to you”, and that involves having a bigger and adaptable mindset.

We don’t only intend to be trendy but to be at the forefront of solutions and changes, especially as Kingdom entrepreneurs. God called you and I to rule and reign in life. 

6. Others-focused

Lastly, I wanted to include here being “others focused”. As leaders in our businesses and the industry, business is still serving. And as we learned from the best teacher and leader ever, our Lord Jesus, servant leadership is the way to go.

Servant leadership is not confined to the four walls of the church and when we serve in different ministries and organizations. We do this even in our respective spheres of life. 

Practically speaking, in business, we serve others by providing solutions and communicating a marketing plan that is based on what they, our customers, need, and not what we just want.

I find it so cool how God married the beautiful success strategy of serving others and thinking of them when you’re creating ideas as the best marketing tool. Even in business, God is so generous, so should we.

There you go ladies, I hope you feel a little bit more encouraged and empowered right now as you prepare your way into 2024!


#1 I would like to invite you again to the “Casting Vision Workshop” I’m hosting on December 15th at 7 pm (PH time), replays will be available but if you make it live, it will be more awesome! 

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Given that I talked quite a bit about business in this post, perhaps you’re a Christian woman entrepreneur seeking to be mentored, and you need a business and marketing consultant to help you scale your God-given business in 2024. You probably loved the thoughts I shared here.

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