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December 8, 2023


Jenna Matalam

My family always had businesses so I grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs. I delved into business myself back in 2012 and managed a business and staff of 10 people for two years before I pursued full time ministry. I thought that was it. 

It’s to my surprise God sent me to the business realm in 2019.

I went through a lot of disobedience and failures that didn’t have to happen in the first two years of my online entrepreneurship (2019-2021), so you don’t have to go through them!

If I had to start all over again in 2024, these are 3 things I would do differently.

  1. Surrender and not rush through the process

I was gonna say seek God first and make sure your idea is aligned to His, but I remember doing that. It was my surrender that was not completely there.

So, we can be seeking God and our business idea does come from Him, and it is aligned with the Kingdom of God, but if we do not surrender to His plan and timeline, it will still wreck and devastate us.

In my own experience, I tried making the vegan online course and program I made in 2019  to work. I rushed through the process. I thought I was still taking my time since it was already a few months (3-4 months). It was also good idea and the people who followed me on social media loved it!

I also sought God if it was His will, and in the beginning I knew it was. The problem was when I stopped truly hearing from Him and I misread the whole thing! I kept going and going. One year later, after so many trial and error, I realised I become prideful and disobedient along the way.

God used the first circumstance to lead me to learning how to create an online course and growing a page, but it should have stopped there. The purpose was about information dissemination, not business. The business side was different. 

I thought I surrendered but I did not.

Many of you reading this are probably in a similar situation. You got a God-idea and you ran with it by yourself. It is important to include God in every step and decision. You have to learn to surrender to Him, His plan and His timing.

And after we surrender, we need to learn to take God at His word. If He said He’s got this, He means He’s got it. Let’s try not to rush Him through His process and plan.

That’s why I teach our fellow Christian sisters inside my She Strategy Co membership how to seek and hear God for our business, so we can remain aligned with His will, and not miss out in enjoying the whole process.

Do you believe you’re where you’re supposed to be or are you still wearing the old wineskin and pouring the new wine into it?

  1. Focus on my market research rather than growing my Instagram following.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of us make in online entrepreneurship is making our online presence pretty and popular first before building what’s more important which is your audience and offers. We are taught that we need a huge following to have a successful business.


Learn from me girls, don’t make the same mistakes I made.

I was able to grow my personal page (sharing Christian encouragements) to 50K+ followers organically. And when I started my own business page, I focused on growing it, rather than doing proper research and product development. 

If I had to start my business from scratch right now (which I create new offers every now and again and I still apply the same things), I will choose to focus on doing a lot of research, talking to a lot of my target audience and find out what really they need so I can meet it as guided by the Lord’s call and God-given ideas.

Makes sense?

The marketing can be something that follows after.

Of course a lot of us are in a rush to make back our ROI, but if it’s all about the income for you, then maybe you’re not cut out for a Kingdom business. 

God didn’t put you here so you can put income/money above all, it’s still is all about Him.

  1. Be Attentive to my Business Finance

I ended up investing a lot of money, more than what God probably led me to do, and to things that were unnecessary.

I didn’t have to:

  1. Pay for any online service providers such as E-webinar, Calendly, Adobe, Clickfunnels, Teachable/Thinkific. I should have been more resourceful in paying for those things that ended up being more costly than it could have been.
  2. Hire my first VA. I could have done the work I gave her, I just became lazy. There’s a beauty to doing all the things first, and save up the money to invest in other things.
  3. Buy Courses and programs from unbelievers. It led me to have ungodly mindset. Watch out for the “shiny object syndrome”. I bought even cheap courses when I only got envious of the results they have and I wanted it. Sure, that seems legit. But my heart became more bitter instead of being helped. I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself because of that.

If I had to do it all over again, I will set annual and monthly budgets and stick to it. I would have kept an accountability partner or mentor who helped me seek God with my business decisions. I do those things now, and things are so much better. Business is still challenging, but I’m not pressured by myself anymore, and I haven’t bought any new course for a year now! (Because I’m already a lifetime member of a Kingdom entrepreneurship movement)

Girl, where do you find yourself these days? 

Are you still not doing what God called you to do? 

I have an upcoming challenge workshop in January 15-17, 2023, it’s called “Kick Fear and Start the Business Challenge”. For 3 days, we will work towards kicking fear and making a decision and first necessary steps to finally start that God-dream business God called you to build for 2024! 

Waitlist here, so we can automatically add you when we’re about to start then. 

BUT if you feel it in your spirit that God is speaking to you about doing something about it now, I would love to help you out.

Either book a free clarity call here OR choose any of our offers that can help you in your next steps (starts at $42).


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