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January 12, 2024

10 Online Marketing Ideas We are Ready to Retire From in 2023

Jenna Matalam

*Disclaimer: This is my own opinion from my own experiences and God convictions and revelations this year*

It’s the first month of the new year. By now, you may have been bombarded by posts and articles full of lists of “to-do” and “ not to-do’s” 2023 and 2024. And yes, here’s another one! It’s not about your personal style nor home stuff, but about your business. I think it’s cool and useful to look back in the past year and comment on what online marketing ideas we genuinely need to leave in 2023. 😀 



Okay, I love Canva and I use it for my business. I used to create my own graphics on Adobe Illustrator, but the more content I had to make with less time in my hands, I had to be more efficient so Canva was better. 

I love the templates they have, but I’m not a fan when I go to my Instagram and I see many businesses using the same template without changing it to look more like their own. It’s a pet peeve really. 

I’d love to suggest for businesses to take what Canva gives and make it your own. It’s time to leave the “I’m lazy to make this post like my own” attitude in 2023.


What do I mean by this? This industry is ran by “experts” without anything backing their expertise, and I’m just sick of it. It’s such a dishonor to the actual experts. One of them is the rampant “social media gurus”. I may have jumped on this bandwagon years ago, until I got convicted and invested in honing my technical skills and got more experience in serving actual clients.

There’s just too many “social media experts” nowadays. It doesn’t mean you’ve had one viral post that you can be a social media guru now. There’s more. 

So before anyone else claims to be an expert, just make sure you can genuinely say you are. 

#8 AI, AI, AI! 

Sure they are part of our present and future, but if I have to hear one more time about complete AI-dependence, without human insight at all, I don’t think that’s the best way to utilize that technology for us as Kingdom entrepreneurs. 

There are Christians who are not for AI, I think they can be helpful for us, but depending on them in a way that others are doing, promotes laziness and lack of discipline. 

P.S. I’m planning to release a video in January 2024 on how we can use AI ethically as Christian entrepreneurs, make sure to be subscribed to our Youtube channel


A lot of deals going on these days promote so much materialism and consumerism. Just when we thought minimalistic lifestyle became trendy, yet only the design became trendy, but not the lifestyle of “less is more”.

I used to be an ethical lifestyle enthusiast, and I still try to be better with my life. What used to be seasonal promos became monthly promos, to weekly, to daily deals! There needs to be a balance in this. It’s just promoting waste and financial mismanagement to a lot of consumers. 


I actually don’t have a lot of background with crypto. I’ve had friends who invested in it and got a return. I simply don’t trust it. There’s something about it that leads me to think “scam”. It sounds too good to be true. Fast money? Uhm, how about no?

There’s two sides to this. One, you know what you’re doing, you’ve learned the ins and outs of crypto, and you’ll be responsible in knowing where to invest your hard earned money. Especially as Christians, we should sow where the Lord leads us.

Now, if you’re not an expert and you just go where the money flows, just be extra careful. The crypto system doesn’t seem to give any leeway.


Self-love gone next level. This has got to go and not come with us to 2024!

Especially for us Kingdom entrepreneurs. I’m all about loving and taking care of ourselves but other people take it on a different level. It’s not even about that but self-absorbed marketing that doesn’t even reflect Jesus.

I’m talking about influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who claim to be followers of Jesus but the way they parade themselves, the photos and videos they show do not reflect Jesus. The self-glorifying brand obsession honestly are cringey. Not because they are not beautiful, but because you can discern the pride and taking the glory to themselves. Oh yes, this goes to some Christian music artists too. 


As an online entrepreneur, I know it can be challenging and nerve-wracking to do sales! How do you talk? How do you convince people? Sometimes, we honestly were just so stressed but we didn’t mean to be rude! Eep, anyone?

There are many who use this tactic intentionally do. Whether it’s through aggressive “bot-automated” messages on shopping apps- YES, rude! Or sly emails that escape the spam folder and finds its way on our main inbox, ones that makes us go “I don’t remember subscribing to this?”. Have those? I have! RUDE!

OR those sales agents you somehow end up talking to the phone, oh man don’t get me started on bankers! It’s 2023! I don’t know why some agencies haven’t moved on and gotten introduced to “email or phone ettiquettes”. Common courtesy! 

We just need to leave the fear mongering rude type of sales strategies in 2023! And I want to speak directly to big corporations with lots of money but can’t even invest better trainings to their people! Eep!


Whilst the algorithm is still a thing social media apps use, but tbh, pursuing to “beat the Instagram algorithm” goal, for example, was something I ditched in 2022! So if you’re still doing that now, I highly suggest leaving that in 2023! 

There are more sustainable ways to build your brand authentically, without going crazy and chasing after vanity metrics that lead you to fall flat on your face. Find simpler ways to build your brand and business without having to chase after this algorithm. If you have a budget to invest in marketing experts to worry about that for you, that’s a different story! 😀 

(BTW, if you’re looking to grow and scale your Christian business in 2024 without chasing after these vanity metrics, I can help you! Book a free call here


I don’t even know why this is still a thing in 2023. I see this way too often amongst our Christian circle. Tearing down someone else’s business or ministry, and using their platform to elevate your own. What happened to #womensupportingwomen ?

The other day, a friend sent me this particular Christian content creator’s content where they took a clip from Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s interviews and commented on their Christianity and went on to talk about a subject that was actually quite interesting. My only issue with it is I know clickbait too well. 

I think it’s okay to do, it’s a marketing strategy, but if you’re pushing someone down rather than pulling them up, I don’t subscribe to that. 

Hear me out, it’s different when you call someone out but prophesy and encourage over them. 

How about in our business circles? Do we make fun of a sister whose launch failed? Or encourage them so they can keep going and pursue God’s calling for them and keep obeying Him?

P.S. If you’re looking for such encouraging and prophetic community for Christian entrepreneurs and influencers, check us out! Https://



Have you seen those videos where they go to people’s stores and create content where they make fun of the business and don’t even ask permission from the business owners?! I have! And it enrages me!

I seriously think we should establish some common decency and ethics around content creation. When did asking permission not be a thing? To think Privacy act for the internet was made super strict in 2019, then we go from there to invading people’s privacy and businesses for the sake of content? 

Yeah, that’s got to be left in 2023!

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