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September 22, 2023

I went to Bali and this is what happened.

Jenna Matalam

Today’s post feels like a journal blog kind of entry– I went to Bali, a vacay spot full of gods and new age systems, and a lot of digital freelancers (my people) who practice worldly lifestyle and this is what happened.

Are you curious how it was for me and how I prepared spiritually for the trip?

Disclaimer: I’m very spiritually sensitive and prophetic. my spiritual sights are very much active and I’ve battled with second heaven spirits growing up because of the doors opened by my grandparents and parents and even I myself have opened.

10 Things I Did to Spiritually Prepared for my Bali Trip

1.I fasted and prayed for dayssss. 

2. I prayed a looot. and prayed powerful prayers months coming to the day.

3. I had my eyes open. aware.

4. I was focused on the reason why I’m there.

5. I chose a hotel room with no statues inside the room. (less demonic objects, the better)

6. As soon as I arrived in my room, I didn’t even tour nor turn on the tv or ac, I anointed the whole room and balcony and bathroom and every window and object with a prayer of blessings and protection.

I felt things left and shift in the room.

7. I made sure to pray every night before I slept for prayers of protection.

8. First night I woke up at 2am to some noises. I don’t know what it was, but I prayed and went back to sleep.

9. I was intentional with what I played on the tv- worship music, sermons, podcasts, or just plain apartment tours. 

10. Every session and conversation with the pastor’s retreat and leadership injection were so ❤️🔥 such a blessing. Revival night was fire. I felt the presence of God and hunger for His people (His hunger for intimacy for His people like never before). I was so filled with Holy Spirit. I was revived.

11. Every night in that hotel room was not comfortable for me, not physically, but it was like I was aware that angels were actively fighting at night. Like I know war was happening outside and I was trying to sleep because I need to rest for the work in the morning for His Kingdom.

12. Last day, we finally got to completely chill and relax. When I was with my people and fellow soldiers in the faith, the community, I was good. I didn’t like being alone. It wasn’t a vacation for me. The place was brimming with territorial spirits and the demonic presence was just there.

Every step and walk I had, I can feel the tangible presence of God was with me and angels to surround me.

I felt the assault and hear curses released by people under their breath when you don’t entertain them or buy from them (some not all).

I was actively blessing them under my breath (loudly at times) to counteract and renounce the curses.

13. The people of Bali were generally nice. the children of God in Bali who I met were kind and so hungry for the Word and presence of the Lord. 

Will I choose to go back to Bali?

Only for the purpose of building God’s Kingdom.

For vacay?

Nope. I’d rather go to Boracay/Palawan/Davao for the beaches 😆

So when I speak of don’t play with tarot cards, yoga, crystals, horror movies, witches and whatever demonic stuff, I’m telling you close them doors. No reason for you to enter realms you’re not called to serve, or opening doors to allow the enemy to attack and penetrate you to tear you down- steal, kill and destroy are his agendas. 

Focus on doing good, running your own race- read God’s Word, teach others, discipleship, bearing fruit of the Holy Spirit, devote yourself to prayer and spending time with God. He lavishes you with His presence, freedom, joy, wonder, abundance of grace and life.

I enjoy spa, massage, pampering, makeup, traveling, eating, chatting with people.

Life is much more luxurious and full with Jesus.

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