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December 29, 2023

TRENDING: Year End Review

Jenna Matalam

Hey girls!

It’s beautiful to reflect on the year that’s passed, celebrate the wins, the highs and lows. I believe new years or the start of the new year is quite literal but also prophetic and spiritual in its nature. Whatever the historical origin of the calendar year we use, we as a collective humanity follow this calendar system and hey, God is Sovereign and He does all things new. My point? It’s the new year, let’s stop arguing or overthink, let’s reflect on the goodness of God and give Him the glory.

I have done my own reflection of the business and life and ministry, I’ve shared it with the relevant people- my family, my church community, and the community I lead online. How about you, girl? Have you created a space to do so? Have you spent time with Jesus and reflected on the year 2023? Have you sought God for a word and vision for 2024?

If not yet, don’t fret, don’t be overwhelmed, carve an hour or a day or a few days to spend with Jesus and simply and purely reflect and seek Him.

I don’t know if you’re the “go with the flow” kind of gal or you follow a certain system or tradition of reflecting every year but I have made a free digital resource that I have made fillable, for you to download and use!


copy paste this if it doesn’t show

Love ya girls and see ya in the new year! We have so much to share with you next year.




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